Galaxy Lab Slime Test Tube 24pk carton


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Galaxy Lab Slime - 24 Test Tubes Pack

Unearth the Vibrant Layers of the Cosmos, One Test Tube at a Time!

Stellar Stratums of Colour: Venture into the mesmerizing depths of the universe with our Galaxy Lab Slime! Packed in sleek test tubes, each slime showcases a cascade of brilliant colors layered in celestial harmony, evoking the effervescent beauty of faraway galaxies.

Scientifically Fun: Presented in authentic-looking test tubes, kids can feel like young scientists as they delve into their own mini cosmic research. These test tubes not only ignite imaginative play but also stimulate curiosity about the wonders of space and science.

Safe & Kid-Friendly: Prioritizing safety, our Galaxy Lab Slime is non-toxic and suitable for children aged 3 and up. Parents can be assured their little astrophysicists are handling a product made with utmost care and adherence to safety standards.

Elastic & Luminous: Crafted to perfection, our slime is easy to stretch, squish, and mold. Its luminescent quality magnifies the layered colors, making it look as if you're holding a slice of the galaxy itself!

Stellar Gifting Idea: With 24 test tubes, it's perfect for birthday party giveaways, classroom rewards, or as a unique gift for the budding scientist or astronaut in your life.

- 24 test tubes of Galaxy Lab Slime, each capturing the brilliance of cosmic colors.
- A universe of fun, exploration, and tactile delight!

Note: While our slime is safe for kids, it's always best to supervise younger children during play. Keep the slime sealed in its test tube when not in use.

Step into the lab of galactic exploration and let your imagination soar with the vibrant layers of our Galaxy Lab Slime!