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This is a great way to get Biltong jerky into your business 4pk contains our most popular flavours ready to put straight onto your shelf.

Who is and what is Bogan Biltong?

Mr Bogan was born in South Africa. He remembers his Grandfather making Biltong at a young age. This South African tradition has been passed on to Mrs Bogan, who is proud to have been born and raised in Australia. They are affectionately called "Bogans", by their friends and family. BOGAN BILTONG is a merging 2 cultures that makes for delicious tucker.

Bogan Biltong can be used by any man, woman, old, tradie or old friend. Ideal for cracking a few coldies along with your mates. You can stash some in your esky for an outing to the barbie, snack at a barbie or something to munch at the footy, or get your missus some to take on a trip.

If you're still reading this, and you are still unsure about it, we suggest you give it a try! You will be thrilled that you did. Grab a wholesale pack and enjoy the taste sensation.