Berko Hot Buffalo Jerky 50g


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Introducing Berko Hot Buffalo Jerky, the ultimate snack for those who crave a little heat with their jerky! Made with 96% NT Buffalo meat, this jerky is seasoned with a perfect blend of salt, soy, and chilli to create a compelling and spicy flavour experience.

Berko Hot Buffalo Jerky is made without preservatives to enjoy this tasty snack without added chemicals or harmful additives. However, it does contain gluten and soy, so please be mindful if you have any dietary restrictions.

This 50g pack of Berko Hot Buffalo Jerky is the perfect size for snacking or enjoying a quick and easy protein boost. Whether you're hiking, at work, or need a satisfying snack, this jerky will keep you going with its spicy and savoury taste.

So why not try Berko Hot Buffalo Jerky today and experience the fiery and delicious flavour of premium buffalo meat for yourself?