Salty Salty Salted Plum 150gm


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While this plum is very salty infact nearly to the point of inedible, it has a solid 400mg of salt for salt lovers to enjoy. It is far from being popular with us but there are a very few salty plum aficionados out there that want salty salty salted plums. This one does the job and matches the requirement there are none saltier. 

White salted salty plums
Nutritional information
Nutrition per serve 70g per 100g
Energy 627kj 836kj
Protein 1.25g 1,67g
Fat total 5g 6.67g
saturated 1.25g 1.67g
Cholesterol 0mg omg
Carbohydrates 34.5g 46g
Sugars 5g 6.67g
Sodium 400mg 533mg
Vitamin c 0mg 0mg
Calcium 25mg 33.3mg
Iron 0mg 0mg
product of China BB 30/12/2018
Plum ,sugar, salt, liquorice
PH: 0889816960