Salty Plum sample pack


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salty plum sample pack

Well salty plum fans have we got news for you we are offering our first ever salty plum sample pack (just in time for Christmas)  This pack is made up of 10 of our most popular items (2 mango in a combined pack) which we will list below. Each pack is between 35 to 50 grams with the combined total being about 485gm give or take. Some time you will receive more of one type and less of the other but in general they will all be between 35 to 50. They wont have labels on but salty salty plums will have SSS written on. If you need to know what the ingredients are please email us. we will ad them to this page at a later stage.

  • White Seedless salty plums
  • Sweet plum
  • salty salty salty plum
  • happy plum
  • Red ginger
  • mango salty(while stocks last) mango sweet
  • Pink Lady
  • Paw Paw
  • White Plums