Humpty Doo Beef Jerky 2 Pack

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Humpty Doo Beef Jerky 2 Pack

As an opening special we will be offering our new best beef jerky at a delivered deal so get in fast two packets of hand made humpty doo beef jerky one spicy one not, this is by far our best jerky yet

Humpty Doo Beef Jerky Chilli is a wetter beef jerky with a slight chilli flavour , it is made from topside beef and is hand made in the Nt with a thick cut of jerky.

  • Single Pack Energy 444 kj
  • Single Pack Protien 15.2g
  • Single Pack Fat 3.1g
  • Single Pack Carbs 3.3g
  • Single Pack Sodium 726mg

Ingredients: Beef woishishire sauce, water vinigar malt barley, molases golden syrup , salt tamirind, spices , colour, onion powder , garlic powder, soy sauce , curry powder , chilli